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Lourdes and its surroundings
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The Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary

The Basilica of Lourdes

Our Lady of the Rosary

Its exterior recalls the luminous mysteries of the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary in the form of mosaics adorning the walls.

Inside, the central dome represents the sky and is based on 4 pillars forming a square symbolizing the earth. The Eucharist, which passed from earth to heaven, is celebrated.

Radiating around the dome, 15 chapels decorated with mosaics help to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary.

5 chapels are dedicated to the childhood of Christ, the following 5 tantdis evoke the Passion that are reminiscent the last 5 events related to the Resurrection of Christ.

The Massabielle grotto in Lourdes

The Massabielle cave

Au cœur des Sanctuaires

Cave has 3 openings with the largest became a place of celebration of Mass.

Above, right, is the place where the Virgin Mary appeared to Bernadette. The statue represents the Apparition in the attitude when she said: "I am the Immaculate Conception".

Deep in the cave to the left of the altar, gushes the source Bernadette brought to light on the indications of the Virgin. This water is now piped to the pools, fountains and water path.

The Castle of Lourdes

The Castle of Lourdes

Pyrenean museum

From its 1000 years of history and its rocky outcrop, the castle dominates the town of Lourdes and offers a beautiful view of the Sanctuaries and the Pyrenees.

Visitors can admire the remains such as dungeon, drawbridge, portcullis, watchtowers, pregnant and artillery platform that enabled it to ensure the safety of the population and trade routes to Spain over the centuries.

Under the reign of Henri IV, the castle became royal domain in 1590. We then called the "Bastille of the Pyrenees", for the king it is locked up opponents on single letter bearing his seal.

The Gavarnie and waterfall


the amphitheater and the village

Also during the summer season the site of gavaranie offers manifold possibilities of itineraries that allow the discovery of the natural amphitheater and the great Fall.

The going and the retrun from the village to the heart of the amphitheater is a family walk accessible to everybody.

The path on the pianoro of Bellevue or the walk of Espugues they can satisfy the demands of more experienced walkers.

As for the lovers of the "to do nothing" they will be able apreciate the amphitheater of Gavarnie and the fall from the terrace of one of the several coffees or retaurants of the typical village.